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English lessons for C-level executives and management teams

We specialize in teaching English to executive and management teams across various industries.

For companies that are looking for individualized attention and English lessons tailored to their specific needs. There is no typical "follow the course book" plan but instead, materials are adapted as the lessons develop to ensure that the each student or group is getting the most personalized learning possible.

Teaching Method

Beyond grammar and course books lies what corporate teams feel they lack: the fluency to have small talk and informal conversations. We focus on creating learning environments in which American English fluency is all about the humor, popular culture and idiomatic language that makes it so prolific and fun!

Native Materials

New articles, podcasts and videos are central to lesson materials in my approach. We will never rely on traditional course books and instead focus on immersion in the learning process.

Socratic Discussion

The Socratic method is used to create a cooperative and engaging discussion. Students will discuss new topics every meeting in depth and detail.

Study Notes

Students are provided with a Google Drive folder, where they can access all the lesson notes, materials and assignments for their own study at home.

24/7 Revision

Vocabulary and grammar revision is provided via Quizlet at no extra charge. Students can access study sets on their mobile phones or laptop at any moment that suits their schedule.

Working With the Best Teams

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